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Setting up Dashboards with Grafana


Ensure you have configured NGINX and SSL correctly.

Grafana runs behind NGINX proxy, which takes care of ssl and serves Grafana on instead of port 3000.

Install Grafana

Modify /etc/grafana/grafana.ini

A sample grafana.ini file is included in the distribution. The file includes comments of how to configure Grafana specifically for Zibawa.

Change password for Grafana admin account

Login to grafana on

Login to the default acccount (this account is created by Grafana the first time you start and is NOT a Zibawa or LDAP account).



You can now change the password.

Grafana and LDAP

Note that although Grafana is designed to work with LDAP, Zibawa uses the Grafana api directly to sync passwords for users.

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