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Creating a device

Log in to your Zibawa account

Create Section

From the administration panel, select sections

Press + Add section (top right corner) to create a section for your devices (you need at least 1 section to create devices).

Create Device

From the administration panel, select devices

Press + Add device (top right corner)

Populate the fields as required.

A single device can have any number of channels. This is because a single device may transmit data for a number of different sensors.

Take note of your account ID (at the top of the menu), the device ID and channel ID you just created. When connecting your device you will need this information.

Click on the link “reset password” to create and view a new password for the device. Note down the password! Passwords are not stored in Zibawa. If you lose it, you will need to create another one, using reset passwords.

Connecting Device by MQTT

Devices connect to Zibawa using MQTT. (Message Queue Telemetry)

To test MQTT you need a MQTT client such as Mosquitto, or alternatively you can use Android MQTT Dashboard from your smart phone.

Testing with Mosquitto

Testing with MQTT Dashboard

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